National Panino Month

August is National Panino Month, Panino-sandwich comes from the Italian word pane-bread. Perfect your panino, grill or toast the bread, brush quality extra virgin olive oil on top & also the flip side for extra crunch. Add favorite meats, cheeses, veggies & brush balsamic vinegar for added flavor. Healthy & delicious! Makes 4 sandwiches

Simple ingredients:

·      ½ cup Villa Graziella Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil plus extra to flavor

·      ¼ cup Villa Graziella 8-year aged Balsamic Vinegar di Modena

·      4 Italian ciabatta or country bread rolls split

·      8 slices of fresh Italian mortadella or capicola, ham, salami & turkey

·      8 slices of smoked provolone, cheddar, gruyere, Havarti or Swiss cheese

·      Fresh ground pepper

Easy Directions:

1.     Brush grill or panini machine with 1 teaspoon of olive oil

2.    Heat surface to medium heat

3.    Brush ½ tablespoon of olive oil along the inside center of each roll

4.    Turn over & repeat process on other side of bread with ½ tablespoon of oil   

5.    Assemble panino starting with meat, followed by cheese

6.    Brush panino evenly with ½ tablespoon of vinegar

7.     Season with pepper

8.    Cook 5 to 8 minutes, 3-5 minutes each side

9.    If using a frying pan, press sandwich down with a lid & cook 3-4 minutes on each side or until bread is fully toasted

10. Serve & enjoy with Villa Graziella Organic Toscano red or white wine

Panini Pro Tips

·      Use 1 or 2-day old bread instead of fresh, it holds ingredients better & grills evenly

·      Cut cooked panini with a straight edged knife not a serrated for a smooth separation

·      For crustier, toasty panini without burning, cook on lower heat for longer time, instead of a higher heat

·      Avoid mushy panini, add greens after grilling. Insert arugula, basil, lettuce or spinach, red onions or tomatoes, before serving for a soggy free sandwich.

·      Place bulkier, wet fillings like avocado chunks or tuna fish in the middle of the panino


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