North American Olive Oil Association Conference Recap

Villa Gabriella recently attended the North American Olive Oil Association conference. This year’s theme was Spend Wisely on Olive Oil & focused on what matters most to today’s global olive oil users – Value!

The conference was educational, informative, interesting & delicious!

Industry experts & health professionals discussed the many physical, nutritional & health benefits of using olive oil compared to animal fats or other oils.

Cooking demonstrations were led by Chef Seamus Mullen who shared several best practices in baking, finishing, frying & roasting with olive oil in Mediterranean, Asian, North American & even Latin cuisines!

Testing our skills, we tasted & evaluated 8+ olive oil & their related profiles from Africa, Australia, Europe & the Americas

We also enjoyed olive oil enhanced dishes comparing & contrasting the aromas, colors & tastes of several olive oil varietals.

Stay tuned for more useful information, best practices & health benefits of olive oil in the kitchen & your daily life!

Amy WrightComment