Olive Oil Pulling


Olive Oil Pulling

We understand the many health benefits of eating & cooking with extra virgin olive oil (e.v.o.o). An increasing number of people also find improvements in their overall well being by spitting extra virgin olive oil out too.

What is Oil Pulling?

Olive oil pulling is procedure of rinsing the mouth with olive oil from 5 to 20 minutes followed by spitting out the oil.

Where Does Oil Pulling Come From?

The practice originates comes from the ancient Hindu system of remedies & wellness known as Ayurvedicmedicine. The Indian discipline is one where equilibrium, harmony, interconnectedness & good health are maintained by the correct balance between the mind, the body, the soul & the senses. Sesame oil pulling was used to prevent common ailments such as asthma, allergies & gum disease.

What Are The Benefits Of Oil Pulling?

Today Ayurvedic health practitioners explain bacteria & toxins accumulate in the mouth, gums & teeth. The contaminantscan be absorbed in the blood stream, causing toxins in the oral cavity & in the body. Ayurvedic doctors state that pulling helps the body maintain a healthy balance by expelling bacteria & toxins from the mouth before they have a chance to integrate into the body. Users credit the practice to improving many ailments including eyesight, treating aches & pains, restoring energy & promoting healthy skin.

What Are The Results Of Pulling?

Wellness practitioners maintain that after 2 weeks of pulling teeth are whiter & people experience better overall energy, while a 3 month period of regular pulling is needed for major health improvements. As pulling is detoxifying, some people feel tired, nauseous & have headaches on their first few pulls, practitioners maintain these symptoms demonstrate the pulling is working.

How Should Pulling Be Done?

Ayurvedic experts recommend the following for safe & effective pulling

· Use high quality, organic oil such as coconut, sesame, sunflower or extra virgin olive oil.

· Start at 5 minute intervals working up to 20 minutes.

· Pull in the morning, on an empty stomach.

· Brush your teeth & rinse your mouth thoroughly.

· Take 1 tablespoon of oil, close the mouth & do not swallow.

· No morning multi tasking; sit down, close your eyes & keep your mind focused on the pulling.

· Swish the oil with the help of your tongue, move your jaw as if you are chewing.

· Every corner of your oral cavity should be penetrated by the oil.

· Do not swallow, the oil has toxins & should be eliminated

· After 15 to 20 minutes of pulling, your mouth will become full of thinned, white oil

· Spit the oil into a trashcan, not the sink or commode where the oil can solidify & cause blockage

· Wash your mouth & teeth thoroughly

· Drink a few glasses of water

· After at least one hour have breakfast