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Did You Know: Origins of our earth's crops

Did you know spicy Thai chiles actually came from Central America, tomatoes from the Andes Mountains in Peru (not Italy) and sunflowers from North America instead of South Africa? Scientists published a recent study titled The Origins of Food Crops Connect Countries Worldwide. The fascinating report reveals the origins of our earth’s crops and the adverse effects of increased mono-crop farming.  To learn more visit

Did You Know: Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Did you know? Olive oil is good for us in more ways than one! We all know how delicious olive oil is; did you know all the health benefits the green liquid gold offers? Researchers find a diet with regular use of olive oil helps reduce high blood pressure, fight Diabetes, Osteoporosis & much more!  So don’t just drizzle olive oil on a salad or save it for those “special” recipes, use olive oil to bake, cook, roast even fry & sauté your fall favorites. YOU’RE WORTH IT!!  Want to learn more? Visit http//

Did You Know: Organic Farming & Bees

Did You Know? Organic farming supports the well-being of pollinators, better known as bees?

Researchers from the U.S. Organic Center found without the use of toxic chemical fertilizers or artificial pesticides, organic farming methods foster & nurture valuable honey bees. This practice promotes biodiversity (more than 1 crop) while regenerating our environment’s valuable natural resources. Want to learn more? Visit