News from Montespertoli - Vineyard Update


The Montespertoli vineyard is peaceful; Rows of healthy grapes bask in the bright July sun; larks & swallows fly amongst the olive trees while the gentle drone of bees buzzing in the background make for a lazy summer day. This harmonious biodiversity is kept under the watchful eye of Luca Nesi; vine canopies, clusters, plants and soil structure are carefully monitored daily to ensure the growing season progresses to veraison - when the first signs of color appear in the clusters and berries go from hard to pliable.


Fortunately, the torrid June heat decreased to “normal” temperatures, currently in the upper 80’s. As a certified organic farmer & winemaker, Luca practices dry farming i.e. irrigation only via rainfall.


The dry topsoil layer traps the moisture below forcing vines to work hard to retain moisture deep in the roots. This results in grapes with more fruitiness, concentrated flavors, deeper tannins and richer color. Deeper roots are also more robust and better resistant to disease. While dry farming conserves water, it relies on the increasingly erratic rainfall believed by many Italian winemakers to be a result of climate change.


As a custodian of his land, Luca’s dedication to its health and well-being is steadfast but always with respect for what Mother Nature commands. Reminding us the grapes and olives will speak for themselves again at this year’s harvest.

Amy WrightComment