Holiday Wine Wisdom

Holidays bring plenty of celebrating & making merry, yet they can be stressful too. Make it a serene holiday season and follow these wine suggestions for choosing, serving and sipping!

  1. Get an idea on the gathering - Cocktails & appi’s, afternoon open house, sit-down holiday dinner or Sunday brunch. The type of gathering will indicate the type & quantity of foods served.

  2. Choose food friendly wines - Many holiday meals include several side dishes with many different flavors which can be challenging. Skip the super sweet or super tannic wines, instead look for balanced wines that pair with different food types & styles. Consider Merlot, Pinot Noir or Zinfandel red wines, Pinot Gris, dry Riesling or Vouvray whites.

  3. Try the other bubbles - Spanish Cava, Italian Prosecco or Spumante are more economical than French Champagne. Versions include rosé, sweet to bone dry and great for tasting & toasting.

  4. Consider a case - f you find a wine you really like, purchase a case (12 bottles). Many wine retailers offer discounts of 10-15% off a case, saving time and money for impromptu invitations & unexpected guests.

  5. Prepare ahead punch - Make it easy on yourself and make a punch with fruity red wines from South America or Spain. Add festive, seasonal fruit, keep chilled & allow your guests to serve themselves.

  6. Sweet for the sweets - Dessert wines go well with holiday cakes, candies, cookies & pies. Pair Italian Moscato, Hungarian Tokaji wines or fortified wines like Port & Sherry with a variety of holiday desserts. Keep in mind the wine should be just as sweet or sweeter than the dessert.

Need help? Consult your local wine merchant for their knowledgeable recommendations.

Amy WrightComment