“A graceful Tuscan red that is elegant and true to its source, unlike too many examples from this area. This Chianti Riserva is made for consumption now and over the next few years and it’s very well made; this is not a wine that was styled for points, but rather for the table to pair with roast lamb or veal tonight.”

— Tom Hyland
Author & Italian Wine Educator


The "Riserva" classification identifies wines made from more mature grapes, a higher minimum alcohol content and refined for a period of time. A "Riserva" classification ages a minimum period of three years before it is released from the winery.

Our Villa Graziella Chianti D.O.C.G. Riserva wine is refined in stainless tanks (Sangiovese Piccolo) for 3 years & in French oak barriques (Cabernet Sauvignon) for 3 years. Upon blending the two, an additional 4 - 6 months are taken so the wine may fully "harmonize", bringing a balance and intensity to the fruit.

Characteristics: Full body, with pronounced tannins and a firm after taste. Persistent, ripe fruit aromas balanced with complex peppery notes of fresh herbs and spices. Clean and intense flavor upon tasting, long and persistent finish.

Food & Wine: Enjoy with heartier foods; mushroom risotto, roasted meats and rich stews.  

Best enjoyed when served at 65 - 68°F.