Our Story
Enjoying food & wine with family & friends is one of life’s pleasures. We have an insatiable interest in both with a deep respect for authentic ingredients. We are passionate about finding and sharing some of the best of Made in Italy.

Our Mission
We can enjoy food and wine without compromising our health or our environment. Delicious and wholesome, we offer only certified organic products. Sustainable products that balance the long-term health of our environment and those who enjoy them.

Our Partners
Dedicated to growing, harvesting and producing ICEA & EU certified organic products, our partners are family artisans who work with pride as their ancestors did generations ago. Genuine and inspiring, we love learning about and sharing their heritage, their stories and products. In the grove and the vineyard, no genetically modified organisms, chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used. In the cellar, low intervention methods, with no additives, coloring, commercial yeasts, flavor agents or sugars. 

Our Products
Authentic, clean and flavorful, small batch balsamic vinegar, olive oil and wine. Coveted items you pack in your suitcase to savor at home, so delicious, they transport you back to your time spent in Italy.

Our Location
From less commercially marketed areas, our single estate wine made with organic grapes and organic, extra virgin olive oil hail from Montespertoli, emblems of Tuscany’s rich culinary heritage. Our 8-year aged, organic, balsamic vinegar from Torre Maiana, reflects Modena’s ancient balsamic making tradition.