Farmers Markets - Did You Know?

Farmers Markets date back 5,000 years ago to ancient Egypt where people sold fruit & vegetables, grains & meat along the Nile river. In Colonial Virginia, farmers & producers organized informal markets along the James River in the mid. 1600’s. Farmers markets as we know them today with rows of tents & tables, began in the mid. 19th century in Philadelphia. Managed by the local city government, the High Street Market sold cheese, meat, seafood, baked goods & sweets in addition to fruit & vegetables.

Today one can shop at farmers markets from Asia to Africa, Europe to South America, from 3 to 4 vendors selling fresh produce to the largest market with over 1,700 stalls in Tokyo, Japan. Farmers markets are child & often pet friendly, they allow people to connect with their community even in a big city. Direct to consumers without 3rd parties, farmers markets allow people to purchase directly from the producer at the peak of freshness, goods are seasonal, locally produced & often certified organic. In addition to the savings, shopping & cooking from farmers markets allows us to reconnect with nature & enjoy the delicious bounty each season offers.  

Amy WrightComment