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Luca Nesi

 Ferruccio Nesi and son Luca. 

Ferruccio Nesi and son Luca. 

Our Winemaker
Luca Nesi hails from a tradition of deep agricultural roots. In fact, his ancestors date back to the late 1700’s with Tommaso Nesi & his family working as sharecroppers along the Lucardo hills in the borough of Montespertoli, 15 miles west of Florence, Italy.

Principles that live on today include a deep respect for the earth,  a commitment to quality in agriculture and farming, a genuine passion for wine and wine making along with strong ties to the family and kin.

These ideals were passed down from father to son preserving the family over several generations. Today they are the core values of Luca’s life where he works the land and breathes the air of wine his ancestors crafted.

Because of a deep and intuitive bond with the land, he learned that wine making is based on instinct but also culture, knowledge & science. The calling to carry on the family tradition was taught by his father “Babbo Ferruccio”, inspiring Luca to continue the commitment to organic agriculture & sustainable wine making.