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Raise your glass—it’s National Wine Day!

Morgan Shepard

“A day without wine is like a day without sunshine”—anonymous

Today is a special day for wine lovers all across America. May 25 is designated as National Wine Day. Celebrated as a sister holiday to National Drink Wine Day in February, this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a glass of your favorite wine in the company of friends and family.

The history behind this celebrated day is not clearly known. But if we had to guess it seems as if the day is here to remind us of the essentials in life. The essentials being—family, friends, food and of course, wine. 

The list of health benefits for drinking wine is endless. And organic wine yields an even better choice for your health and the environment. For centuries, people have enjoyed a commonality in pouring a glass of wine to enjoy. It breaks down barriers, celebrates triumphs and is a necessary accompaniment to a fine meal. Not to mention a wonderful component to a simple menu as well. 

Villa Graziella artisan crafted wines made with organic grapes are an affordable and accessible wine to enjoy on this special day. 

So whether it be red or white wine, or even a pink, be sure to raise your glass and proclaim salute!