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2015 Chianti D.O.C.G.

Chianti DOCG
We opened our bottle of Chianti 20 minutes before drinking it, and upon pouring, noticed its beautifully vivid, ruby red color. The taste is dry, fruity and harmonious, it became velvetier as we drank it. We paired it first with sliced prosciutto and melon followed by lightly barbecued poultry. Villa Graziella Chianti wine smells and tastes like Italy. Molto buono!
— -Jim & Alyssa


The history of Chianti is as old as the Tuscany region itself, monks are believed to be the first producers of the wine in the early 12th century. Chianti wine has since evolved & developed over the centuries. Our wine maker Luca Nesi continues to improve and refine its taste while maintaining its unique characteristics.

Grape Varieties:
A true Tuscan, crafted from organically farmed Sangiovese Piccolo grapes, enhanced with a blend of organic Cabernet Sauvignon & Colorino grapes.

Characteristics: A deep red ruby color bursting with a fragrant aroma of licorice & vanilla notes.Dry upon tasting, clean with balanced acidity and alcohol, pleasant, lingering finish.

Food & Wine: Food friendly, excellent with meat. Superb with vegetables dishes, aged & fresh cheese. Serve at 65 - 68°F.